Parent and Professional testimonials

Abigail, I’ve been reading about the college admission scandal and it made me think to send you this message: We appreciate what you did for our sons ---- and ----. You helped them understand who they are.  You challenged them to express themselves clearly. You encouraged them to evaluate their own work. They improved and developed as a result. G.J., Wayne, PA

I just wanted to personally thank you for all the work you have put in with T--- and S---- over the years; it is not the essays that are the most important part of your work, it is the relationship you build with these young adults. You have become part of family. The connection you create with them is powerful and you give them confidence that they can express themselves in a unique way. Both T--- and S-- not only respect what you help them create but they TOTALLY enjoy working with you and the time they spend with you. Very cool because this is not the case for all adults but again they respect you but also you make painful work, essay writing that will determine their futures, fun. They both have personally commented to me that you are always upbeat and transparent with them. Stern but relaxed. Focused but fun. So I wanted to just write a sincere THANK YOU for the impact that you have made in our sons' lives. Hopefully you can work this magic with M--- too in a couple of years :-)! —S.M., Charlotte, NC

This has been a tough year for admissions. Kids are not getting their top choices. But Jessica did! Got in to Georgetown yesterday. So THANK YOU!!!! She received a personal note from Colgate complimenting her passion for dance. That’s the essay! You are so good at what you do. --P.K., Reading, MA

I want you to know we sing your praises here in our house!!!! You have done an amazing job with L. -- drawing out these stories and experiences and then helping her compose them in a clear, engaging and smart way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Truly. There is so much to be stressed about in this process that to have you be a steady, kind, knowledgeable partner was invaluable. —M.A., Deerfield, MA

Just got off the phone with Martin and Washington & Lee offered him a place. They said his admissions pre-read was one of the best they have seen all year!!

I drive by your house all the time and fondly remember waiting outside for V--- to emerge saying, “I can do this.” Who do you call? Abigail Hillman. —S.D. Brookline, MA

My child succeeded in writing for the first time in his academic career! He was excited and proud of organizing a writing assignment, expressing himself effectively, and receiving positive feedback from his teacher. Abigail allowed him to take responsibility for his tutoring but at the same time, she communicated effectively with us as parents to address our concerns and provide helpful, regular feedback. --L.S., Newton, MA

We want you to know how much you have been meant to our daughter throughout her essay writing and college application process. You have built her confidence and helped her to represent her thoughts and ideas. We are confident this made a difference and contributed to her admission into a number of her top choices. —S.D. Wayne, PA

Abigail is the best. She arranged to see my daughter at the last minute on several occasions to help with her Junior Thesis research paper for the AP class. Abigail knew exactly what my daughter needed. After their final session, she stayed up all night to complete her paper. The fact that she turned it in on time was huge. The final grade was another big win since her teacher has extremely high standards. This experience has boosted my daughter’s confidence tremendously. I cannot thank Abigail enough. --C.C., Newton, MA

Abigail has an easygoing manner and relates well to teenagers. She made my son feel comfortable and drew him out. She combined high expectations with a sense of humor and an approachable manner; this mix worked well for both my son and for me. I highly recommend Abigail to other parents seeking a tutor. --S.B., Newton, MA

Over the years I have sent many students to Abigail to work on their college essays. Not only have 100% enjoyed their work with her, but I, too, have been delighted with the final results. Abigail helps students find their own voice and craft an essay that truly portrays who they are. --Phyliss Tawa, Private College Counselor, Newton, MA

My son had three tutors before we found Abigail Hillman. We tried a wide range of programs and interventions, as well. I am not sure if my son would have graduated with his high school class, without her help. Abigail’s unaffected warmth quickly won my son over. She is genuinely respectful and curious, focusing in on a student's strengths and identifying their vulnerabilities in an unpatronizing manner. He came home from his first meeting with a pronounced change in posture toward his Junior Thesis paper, and we were off in a positive direction from the start. His grades in history and English improved dramatically. When he was overwhelmed, Abigail helped him to methodically approach assignments. Being able to complete his work and accumulate successful outcomes boosted his morale, his self-esteem and his outlook on his own future. --C.G., Newton, MA

Thank you so much for making this process fun. N-- said she can't imagine doing these essays on her own. She was telling us that the experience is far more enjoyable because she is working with you. We are extremely grateful for you help. —K.G. Malvern, PA

Abigail, I wanted to let you know (in case A----- hasn’t) that he wound up with a B+ on his thesis and he was over the moon.  Not only did he really learn the process of writing his research paper and organizing his thoughts but his efforts were rewarded. S.T. Newton, MA

Thank you for helping S. and making this college essay process so painless for her. She’s relieved that this essay writing is off of her plate so she can enjoy her activities and focus on her schoolwork! — B.S., Washington, NJ

Abigail provided just the right amount of guidance with our daughter, helping her develop her college essays while maintaining her own voice within them. --N.F., Newton, MA

Jason just found out that his Junior Thesis has been nominated for the Kennedy Prize and he received an A on the paper! Thanks so much for guiding him in his effort. Your comments and suggestions made a significant difference in the quality of the final product. We are so pleased and proud. —L.K., Newton, MA

My daughter’s experience working with you was exactly what I was hoping for - positive, productive and empowering. We feel so fortunate to have connected with you!   --R.D. Lexington, MA

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your help. I know my daughter has very much enjoyed working with you and has remarked that not only did she learn a lot about a topic during the process but also believes she has developed a much better strategy for future paper writing. It made my day yesterday when she talked the entire ride home about black nationalism and how she could write another paper on the topic! —B.S., Brookline, MA

I don't know what we would do without you. As you know, this has been a difficult school year for my daughter health-wise and having you as a resource to help her keep up her endurance and focus has been invaluable. —P.V., Newton, MA

We wanted you to know that Sam got into all the schools he applied to! He just heard from Syracuse last night (the final hold out).  Thanks so much for all your help. —J.D., Newton, MA

You have been on my mind over the past few months as Ellen has received one acceptance after another with very generous scholarships to boot! Today was the icing on the cake and made for a perfect 12 for12 when NYU offered her one of their 35 spots for the Tisch Photo program. With her SAT's and grades so significantly below their averages it was all that makes Ellen unique that got her in. YOU were the one that allowed Ellen to find her writer's voice to share her amazing thoughts, talents, dreams, creativity and insights. We are all so grateful we were introduced to you and hope you know how much we credit her success getting into these schools to you Abigail. While she loved working with you to improve her writing, she truly enjoyed getting to know you as a person. —L.F., Wellesley, MA

After his tutoring sessions, my son would exclaim, “Abigail is amazing. She helps me so much.” —L.S., Newton, MA

Selina has really enjoyed working with you on her essay and really appreciates the help. She told me that Henry just raved about you (which is unusual for him) and now she knows why! So THANK YOU! I thought it might be nice to have teenagers say you are good at your job and they like talking to you! —P.K., Reading, PA

Valerie has been accepted to her #1 choice college. She is over the moon with excitement. Many thanks for your encouragement, support, and guidance as Val worked on her essays. The approach you took allowed her clarity of thought and an organization of her ideas, which she's continued to employ on calls with admissions, coaches, and in her overall school work. — B.S., Washington, NJ

One of the most important parts of the entire college application process is making sure your personal statement really reflects your child. Abigail really takes the time to make your child dig deep into themselves and find that passion or specific trait that sets them apart. In our case she was able to have our daughter discover many wonderful qualitites of herself which is so important for both the  personal statement as well as the college specific essays. Abigail has made this process an extremely enjoyable one for our daughter and for us. She started with so much anxiety but now really enjoy the process of writing the essays. Abigail has the unique ability to showcase all of our daughter's strengths in a very creative and convincing way.

Student Testimonials

I was accepted to Columbia Law early decision! Thank you so much again for helping me with both of my application essays. I was below both Columbia's median GPA and LSAT score, and having strong essays definitely helped my application and probably put me over the top. —F.R., New York, NY

Thank you so much for helping me get into Princeton! With your guidance, I was able to articulate my story in a unique and genuine way that made the difference in my application. —C.A., Chicago, IL

I’m incredibly happy to announce that today I got into Tufts!!!!! Thank you so much for all the help - all that writing and brainstorming definitely paid off! Once again, thank you so so so so much for all you’ve done. I actually had fun writing college essays, which I didn’t think was possible. M.M., Wayne, PA

I got into the University of Notre Dame Gateway program!! I just committed yesterday after visiting this weekend and I absolutely loved it!! Super happy with the results and I actually had the person from Notre Dame tell me my essays were a huge part in accepting me so thank you so so so much!! S.G., Radnor, PA

I wanted to reach out and thank you so much for all the help you gave me during my application process. I have been accepted into Boston College, Villanova, and tonight I was accepted into Notre Dame which I will be attending. I’m so grateful for your assistance and so happy that the hard work paid off!! Thank you again for all the help! R.W. Malvern, PA

The most daunting part of my college process was not deciding where to apply or studying for standardized tests; it was writing the essays. I had no idea where to start or how to approach them, and that is where Abigail came in. Her help was exactly what I needed; she helped me come up with essay topics and took away the stress actually sitting down and writing. --S.F, Newton, MA

I have worked with a number of tutors and Abigail was by far the best. We worked both on my college essays and a number of research papers. She taught me how to approach a topic, break it down into manageable pieces, and construct a clear and concise essay. Now in my junior year of college, I still value the skills she taught me three years ago. She is incredibly approachable and accommodating. I would recommend her without any reservation. --M.K., Newton, MA

The most important skill that I learned from working with Abigail is how to organize a paper. I now feel much more confident tackling a writing assignment in history or English because I know how to properly organize my thoughts. If I have extra work and need her assistance, Abigail always finds a way to make time for me. --M.C., Brookline, MA

I started working with Abigail at the very beginning of my freshman year and I have definitely gained a lot of confidence! My relationship with Abigail is more than a tutor/student relationship. She listened when I was having troubles outside of school and gave advice that has helped me to this day. --A.H., Needham, MA

Thank you so much for all the help this year with my college essays. Many of my friends, who on paper seem more qualified than I, got into a lot fewer schools than I did. I know it was my essays that set me apart! H.M., Sudbury, MA

Abigail guided me to make my topic sentences more germane to my thesis and to look at the overall organization of the paper – not always saving the best for last, but integrating the analysis throughout the work. I subsequently invested a large amount of time preparing my final draft and was thrilled when I learned I had won the Kennedy Prize [for best history] thesis at Newton North High School]. —J.K., Newton MA

Thanks to you, I got a perfect 5 on the AP World History Exam... Woo Hoo! Thank you again for all the effort that you put in for me and I really hope that I'll get to study with you again during my junior year!  —S.H., Weston, MA

I don't think there is a paper I have written [in college] where I don't draw upon lessons that you taught me. —P.K., Newton MA

I can't tell you how helpful the writing we did in AP US was in preparing me for college, both the in-class and longer essays at home. Really. I spent the better part of my college education writing analytical papers and taking in-class essay exams. Not sure how I would have managed without that prep. Thanks.  —N.G., Newton, MA

I wanted to let you know that I got off the waitlist at MIT so I will be going there next year. Thank you for helping me with my essays too because I know those were vital for their decision.  —G.K., Newton, MA

I got my report card and I got a 100% on my history final and a 99% on the paper you helped me outline! I'm really happy. In the comments, my English teacher said my writing has improved so much and my history teacher praised my secession paper!!!! Thank you so much, Abigail!!!  --A.B., Newton, MA

I have some great news. I got back my first college essay via email twenty minutes ago and I got an A!!!! When I got my assignment, I thought about what we worked on with organizing papers. I made an outline and rough draft right away. The opening paragraph talked briefly about what [my subject] argued for, against, and the relevance to my course, then I devoted one paragraph to each main point. The conclusion summarized all three main points and tied everything together. I made sure each paragraph had a topic sentence that introduced the whole idea, and a conclusion that summed up the idea. Basically, every time I worked on a new part of the paper, I was able to use something that we worked on together. Without everything you taught me over the past year, there is no way I could have done as well as I did. I cannot remember the last time I got an A on a major essay. I am extremely sleep-deprived (hence my rambling on) but I really just wanted to thank you for all the work you did with me.  --A.A. Newton, MA

I never realized before how could be hard to write about yourself, especially if English is a second language. I had to write a personal statement for my application to graduate at Boston College and Boston University. The essay had to be no more than five pages and included very wide range of subject areas. I started to write, but I got stuck and frustrated, not only with writing process, but also with organizing my essay. Then I found Abigail Hillman. After she read my work and a short talk it’s became much more clear for how the proposal should be like. After the first session I felt confident and inspired. Then I made another appointment to correct grammar and to proofread it. The essay came up beautifully organized, smooth and it’s my own work, which I was very proud to submit with my admission application. Abigail also helped me with my resume. And I have to admit I never had a real resume before. Working with Abigail is amazing; she is professional, brilliant, organized and focused. I would recommend her to anyone, especially to international students like me. —A.K., Boston, MA

I absolutely love both essays. Thank you so much!!!! I feel so good about handing them in. G.C., Reading, PA

Working with Abigail is a true pleasure! She is fun, patient, and very encouraging.  She showed me how to get to the essence of who I am and helped make me shine in my resume. Her guidance is empowering. So far, everywhere I've sent my resume, I've been called in for an interview! — P.M., rabbinical student, Philadelphia, PA

I must thank you profusely for your assistance this past spring in writing my application for the Stones and Bones summer program at the University of Chicago. I am pleased to report that in a few short days I will be leaving for Chicago to attend the program. I couldn't have done it without your excellent assistance and I thank you for helping me write my essay. —G.O., Radnor, PA

Thank you again for all your help and guidance on my residency essays. I always love working with you… You have made me such a better writer! B.D. Medford, MA

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