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Abigail has worked with hundreds of students to help them become confident, self-sufficient, passionate writers. She has an easy rapport with young people and excels at guiding them through writing papers and researching essays. She also provides test prep as well as organizational and academic support and is able to bring history to life and make Shakespeare exciting, even to the most jaded students.

Abigail also possesses a singular talent for helping students identify a unique memory or event to help them express their distinctive qualities in compelling, convincing college essays. Her students have had tremendously high acceptance rates at colleges and universities that were deemed “reaches.” She also helps young people and adults craft targeted and impactful resumes and cover letters. 

She works primarily with high school and college students, but has experience with middle schoolers and adults as well. She provides ongoing tutoring sessions or single sessions depending on the needs of the client. Many students find weekly sessions are ideal, while others meet on an ad hoc basis before a test or when they have a writing assignment. 

Abigail works both face to face and online using Skype or FaceTime and GoogleDrive. 


Intimate, one on one work, allows a teacher to address each student’s unique needs and unlock his or her potential. Many students who are bored and unengaged in the classroom blossom when they receive individual attention. With each student, a new and unique dynamic emerges.  

A tutor’s job is to make students aware of what they do well, since they are so often overly focused on their challenges. When a student is challenged in the classroom, he or she often internalizes that weakness which can create a vicious cycle: “I can’t do it, I am not smart, why try?” Therefore, it is equally important to address a student’s strengths as well as his or her limitations. 

At the end of a session, students should not only leave with a stronger draft of a paper or a deeper understanding of a subject, but, more importantly, with a sense of being more organized, more able, and more confident than when they arrived.

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